What we’re here to do!

What we’re here to do!


Our mission and aim couldn’t be clearer, we’re here to increase the levels of Futsal participation across the country, starting from age 5 up to adults. Futsal needs to become a widely recognised sport across the country for developing our future players; currently Futsal is known within the majority of Football circles around the country, yet it’s still not widely known or considered as a major tool in the development of players, our key aim is to change this.

We believe Futsal should be included within our key sports for Primary & Secondary aged children, Futsal should be used in addition to regular training for all grassroots clubs, and Futsal should be played by every young player who has a keen interest in Football. Our programmes, due to launch from September 2019, are inclusive and open to every child who wants to experience Futsal and the key benefits it brings to enjoyment and development, our role and responsibility is vitally important for the long term development of players and we can’t wait to start..

From September, we will be focusing on increasing Futsal participation via our 5 key areas: –

  • FA-affiliated Futsal Clubs for U7s – U16s
  • Grassroots Club Programme
  • Primary School, Secondary School & College Programme
  • Development Days
  • PlayFutsal 5’s – our league, tournament and competition provider

Each of our 5 key areas are going to be planned, prepared and delivered within our Core Values..


Each of our Core Values will be at the forefront of our delivery as we welcome young players of all ages and abilities to our sessions, Futsal can and will help every player throughout their journey – whether that’s technically, physically, socially and psychologically, the end goal for us leads to two key words – Development and Enjoyment.

Throughout our blog posts, we’ll be going into further detail and explaining how and what we’ll be providing within our 5 key delivery areas, please keep an eye on our future posts and don’t forget to like our social media pages below!

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!


So here we are! 9 months of planning behind the scenes and itching to get on the court to introduce young players and adults to Futsal and we are here, PlayFutsal has been born and we are incredibly excited to deliver our first sessions this month!

Welcome to our website, we hope you like what you see and you can already guess what we’re here to do. Everything we plan and deliver is going to be around 3 key outcomes for players, staff and the overall environment..


If you’ve experienced Futsal previously you would have seen just how important it is to the development of young players, the game itself becomes an enjoyable challenge for players and this leads to future progression..if you haven’t experienced Futsal yet, your going to believe what we’re saying and you can have a free day of Futsal on us!

We could sit here and continue typing about the importance of Futsal but that’s a post for another time, instead we want this post to say ‘Hello and Welcome’! This blog will be used for a variety of reasons across our programmes, we promise it’ll be frequent, informative and easy to read (we hope!) with one key word used mostly..DEVELOPMENT.

If you’ve reached us via social media, we hope you have already liked and followed our pages..if you haven’t, you can reach our pages below and we’d be very grateful for the support.

We’ve got lots of blog ideas in mind so it’s time to close this one out and start our exciting journey..