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LEARNING BLOCK – Dominating Possession | FOCUS – Possession Focused Games

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can you show combinations with your teammates to attack? | SOCIAL CHALLENGE – Can I be a good team player?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | We wrapped up our Dominating Possession learning block with games focused on keeping possession to attack. We challenged our players to take ownership of their decision-making in a game and to show a variety of different decisions on the ball. In order for individuals and teams to attack successfully, they need to be able to combine with team mates when being put under pressure and this week allowed us to watch players making the correct decisions at the right time.

WHY? – SOCIAL | During a match environment, being a positive team player is important for team development and during this session, we spoke to players about the importance of encouraging and supporting team mates when faced with failure. In every game, players are going to make mistakes and not every pass, dribble or shot will be successful so it’s important for players to encourage team mates if they find themselves in a negative mindset.

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from Badshot Lea, FC Bracknell & Berkshire Futsal Club

NEXT SESSION | Attacking in a 1v1


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