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LEARNING BLOCK – Attacking at Speed | FOCUS – Attacking in a 1v1

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I be comfortable in a 1v1? | PHYSICAL CHALLENGE – Can I attack spaces quickly?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | We started learning block #3 with an important focus in player development – the ability to beat a player in a 1v1. Attacking 1v1s occur countless times throughout a game and during Futsal this area is highlighted with extra importance, we have to encourage our players to have no fear when attempting a 1v1 and we have to show the fundamentals of how to do this successfully. During this week, we asked our players to attempt as many 1v1s as possible and asked them to find their own way of beating a defender, we showed them a few examples but ultimately it’s down to the player to decide how to beat a player when in that situation.

WHY? – PHYSICAL | Attempting to dribble quickly gives players more chance to beating defenders successfully, the ultimate aim is to attack the available space quicker than the defender. Our speed before, during and after the dribble is equally important as players show the speed and skill to not only get round the defender but also to get away from the defender before making the right choice. During this session we challenged our players to look for an available space before attempting the dribble.

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from FC Bracknell & Berkshire Futsal Club

NEXT SESSION | Attacking in a 2v2


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