PlayFutsal delivers school holiday Futsal in Bracknell through our Development Days.

LEARNING BLOCK – Attacking at Speed | FOCUS – Attacking in a 2v2

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I play split passes and/or through balls to my teammate? | PHYSICAL CHALLENGE – Can I be clever with my movements?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | The ability and awareness to be comfortable in a 2v2 is integral to the technical foundations in our players, it increases confidence on the ball under pressure which allows players to make the right choices. During this session, the players are always under pressure to keep possession whilst looking to make the right choice. One of the examples given in this session was to find the right time and opportunity to play a split pass – a pass in-between the two defenders – or a through ball, a forward pass into space. We encouraged the players to take positive risks at all times so aid learning and creativity.

WHY? – PHYSICAL | When players are being marked tightly under pressure within a small space, it’s important to be clever in the movements you make in order to find available spaces. To be a top player, players need to think of how & when they make a movement to receive the ball – do we run in-front of the defender? Do we run behind the defender? Do we suddenly change our speed? Do we change the line of our run? Demonstrating a variety of examples will help players make good movements and will show the opposition that you’re unpredictable.

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from FC Bracknell, Berkshire Futsal Club & Badshot Lea.

NEXT SESSION | Attacking in an overload


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