SESSION REVIEW – W/C 4th November ’19

PlayFutsal provides opportunities for children to play Futsal in Farnham.

LEARNING BLOCK – Dominating Possession | FOCUS – Passing & Receiving Under Pressure

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I pass & receive under pressure? | PSYCHOLOGICAL CHALLENGE – Am I checking my shoulders regularly to be aware of opponents & space?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | We started our ‘Dominating Possession’ learning block with a series of sessions focused on how we develop players whilst under pressure. Playing under pressure is a fundamental part of becoming a player who is comfortable in possession and makes the correct choice whilst being pressured from an opponent. If players are in a mindset of panicking or rushing their decision when an opponent puts them under pressure, they are not setting the key foundations for future progression, we develop our players to stay calm and not to panic in pressurised situations which encourages them to play relaxed at all times.

WHY? – PSYCHOLOGICAL| Regularly checking shoulders allows players to take lots of pictures during the game – in possession, they need to take pictures of their surroundings in order for them to look for opponents and spaces when on the ball, this allows them to make the correct choice whilst under pressure as they’re aware of what’s in front and behind them. If players don’t check their shoulders enough during the game, this will ultimately make their decision harder when on the ball which in turn could slow the game down and increase the chances of losing possession.

HOME LEARNING | Our players are now on Activity #2 which includes an aerial first touch challenge and observing some great goals from a Futsal game on YouTube, we’ll show you the great work done by our players on social media soon!

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from Berkshire Futsal Club and FC Bracknell.

NEXT SESSION | W/C 11th November ’19 = Staying Calm Under Pressure


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