SESSION REVIEW – W/C 11th November ’19

PlayFutsal provides opportunities for children to play Futsal in Wokingham.

LEARNING BLOCK – Dominating Possession | FOCUS – Staying Calm Under Pressure

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I be technically comfortable under pressure? | PHYSICAL CHALLENGE – Can I use my body to protect the ball under pressure?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | Continuing with our under pressure sessions, this week was focused on the technical decisions we have when under pressure. To allow us to make the correct decision, we have to understand the surroundings before knowing what decision to take and doing this under pressure is sometimes difficult during the period of learning. Our players are encouraged to stay calm under pressure and during this ‘calmness’ we can make our decisions, the decisions we face when on the ball is whether to pass, dribble or shoot and we must come to the correct decision in a positive mindset – our positive mindset includes staying calm & comfortable under pressure and believing that you can do it! The more comfortable we are under pressure, the more chances we have of keeping the ball for our team, making the right individual decisions and becoming a better player!

WHY? – PHYSICAL| During the time of being pressured from an opponent, we can use our body to buy us some time – if a player is trying to tackle us from behind or the side, we can use our body to protect the ball from the opponent by using ourselves as the block. If we can block successfully and put our body in-between the ball and the opponent, this gives us an extra 1 or 2 seconds that we may need on the ball before making our decision. We encouraged our players to protect the ball fairly by using their upper & lower body and their arms – it’s important for players to understand the difference in protecting the ball and not making a foul by ‘pushing’ their opponent.

HOME LEARNING | Our players are now on Activity #2 which includes an aerial first touch challenge and observing some great goals from a Futsal game on YouTube, we’ll show you the great work done by our players on social media soon!

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from Berkshire Futsal Club and FC Bracknell.

NEXT SESSION | W/C 25th November ’19 = Using Teammates When In Possession


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