PlayFutsal provides half term Futsal for children who attend our Development Days.

LEARNING BLOCK – Perfecting Technique | FOCUS – Receiving on both feet

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I receive on both feet comfortably? | PHYSICAL CHALLENGE – Can I receive the ball on the move?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | As we continue with our Perfecting Technique learning block, we want our players to recognise the importance of technique within Futsal and why it’s so important to use both feet comfortably. This week, players were challenged to receive the ball on both feet using their inside, outside and sole – this allows players to maintain possession for their team before they make their choice to pass, dribble or shoot. We discussed the importance of controlling the ball first before making a decision and not rushing a decision by not controlling the ball which then gives away possession.

WHY? – PHYSICAL| Receiving the ball on the move increases and maintains the tempo of attacks and/or keeping possession – during Futsal, the tempo and intensity of play gives more attacking opportunities, if a first touch is slow, it gives the opponents an opportunity to take possession. During this week, players were challenged to receive on the move and to make a decision quickly as opposed to receiving standing still and decreasing the tempo of the game.

HOME LEARNING | Our players are currently on Activity #1 which is focused on Ball Control Combinations, this is the final week of Activity #1 before Activity #2 is sent to players.

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from Berkshire Futsal Club and FC Bracknell.

NEXT SESSION | W/C 21st October ’19 = Striking


Half Term Futsal