SESSION REVIEW – W/C 18th November ’19

PlayFutsal provides opportunities for children to play Futsal in Bracknell.

LEARNING BLOCK – Dominating Possession | FOCUS – Using Team Mates When In Possession

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I support my team mates quickly with a pass? | PHYSICAL CHALLENGE – Can I scan for available team mates under pressure?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | The speed of our decision-making in Futsal is hugely important for individual and team success, it allows us to attack quickly which will result in more chances created and it also allows us to counter-attack quickly at the right time. This week focused on supporting team mates around us with a forward pass and players were challenged to make this decision as quickly as possible before our team mates were marked and therefore unavailable – the speed of our decision, the weight and speed of pass and our direction of pass were highlighted as being the important fundamentals of this process.

WHY? – PHYSICAL| Knowing what’s around you and who’s around you allows us to be confident that we’re making the right decision but doing this when an opponent is putting you under pressure takes fantastic bravery on the ball. Our players were encouraged to scan whilst being put under pressure and by keeping your eyes on the ball and the players around you builds awareness and confidence in these situations.

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from Berkshire Futsal Club and FC Bracknell.

NEXT SESSION | Supporting Teammates When In Possession


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