PlayFutsal provide school holiday Futsal sessions to children aged 5 – 12 via our Development Days.

LEARNING BLOCK – Perfecting Technique | FOCUS – Striking

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I shoot with both my inside and laces? | SOCIAL CHALLENGE – Can I communicate with team mates to receive the ball?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | Having the ability to finish with different parts of the foot is very important for the development of young players and this week our players were challenged to finish with different parts of both feet. What makes this week even more important is the environment that we set at PlayFutsal, we want our players to understand that failing is ok and is a learning process for future development, therefore, if players have a effort and miss, that is absolutely fine! This session was all about encouraging players to try a different type of finish to add to their game and if the shot missed the target, try again!

WHY? – SOCIAL| Being in the right place to finish isn’t all about being individual, chances are mostly created from assists by team mates who have shown a top dribble or pass, therefore this social challenge was important for our players to understand how we can communicate with team mates to combine in front of goal. If our team mate can’t see us in a space, could be due to an opponent or the referee being in the eye-line for example, we have to communicate clearly to work together before we create a chance on goal.

HOME LEARNING | Our players are now on Activity #2 which includes an aerial first touch challenge and observing some great goals from a Futsal game on YouTube, we’ll show you the great work done by our players on social media soon!

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from Berkshire Futsal Club and FC Bracknell.

NEXT SESSION | W/C 4th November ’19 = Passing & Receiving Under Pressure


School Holiday Futsal