PlayFutsal are a Futsal coaching provider delivering development programmes to local Football Clubs, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools & Community Projects in Berkshire and surrounding counties.

We have an exciting opportunity for an individual who is passionate about player development and progression, to join our team as a Head Coach as we continue to provide high-quality Futsal sessions to children aged 6 – 16.

The successful applicant will work closely with the Director on a regular basis to ensure a successful learning programme is planned and delivered in line with the current coaching philosophy.


To apply for this role, please email your CV to info@play-futsal.co.uk.

Please also get in touch if you would like to receive further information regarding this opportunity.

The Touch Challenge

The Touch Challenge


PlayFutsal provides children’s Futsal coaching in Bracknell, Wokingham & Farnham via our Development Days and evening sessions.

PURPOSE – The purpose of The Touch Challenge is to develop a repetition of touches and sequences which allows players to progress their technical development. Quite simply, the more contact time they have with a football, the better they’re going to be and in this challenge, they are adding and developing their technical foundations.

THE AIM – The aim is to touch a Futsal, Football and/or Tennis ball as many times as possible within a 7 day period. There is no minimum or maximum number of touches a player must do within this time period – a player can set themselves a ‘Touch Target’ to hit daily, every other day or over the course of a week.

HOW? – DRIBBLE TOUCHES | Using their inside, outside, sole & laces – players can attempt to touch the ball with any of these parts as many times as possible within a space close to the body – this can be a dribble into a space or a dribble before a pass or shot – remember they have to use BOTH FEET when dribbling!

HOW? – PASSING | Against a wall or using a family member – players can attempt to pass as many times as possible using their inside, outside or laces, again remember they must use both feet!

HOW? – BALL JUGGLING/KEEPY-UPS | With or without a bounce in-between each touch, the choice is theirs – players can use any body part in their own sequence but the ball must remain in control and as close to the body as possible.

HOW? – AERIAL TOUCHES | Players will serve themselves by throwing the ball above their head slightly and must control the ball before the ball hits the ground – the first touch can be with any part of the foot, thigh or chest and the ball must remain close to the body following the first touch.

HOW? – A MIXTURE OF THE ABOVE! | Allowing players to be creative, they can pick their own challenge and/or sequence using any of the above ideas or even better, think of their own idea!

During each attempt, sequence or time-limit, players must count the number of times they touch the ball and add the number to their ‘Touch Table’ – their Touch Table will can show the amount of touches they’ve done each day so they’ve got a number they can beat for any of the following days they practice.

SHOW US!We’d love to see children practicing and developing at home during this tough time so feel free to send us any videos of any of the challenges above or pictures of Touch Tables so we can see how they’re getting on! 😁


Children’s Futsal Coaching

January Development Days

January Development Days


PlayFutsal are delighted to announce our next Development Days to be held at Ranelagh School in Bracknell on Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd January!

Following the success of our October Development Days, we’re looking forward to welcoming Boys & Girls aged 6 – 10 to play Futsal in a welcoming, enjoyable and learning environment.

Between the time of 9.30am – 3.00pm, our Development Days follow a daily learning focus related to our seasonal syllabus, each day will include practices, games and tournaments with fun and learning at the top of our outcomes.

As we are currently in our Dominating Possession learning block, the daily structure will include practices and games focused on 2v2s, passing & receiving, overloads and keeping possession to attack – the daily timetable will be available to view on our social media channels next week.

All players must bring a packed lunch with lunch scheduled for 12.00pm – 12.45pm, players must also bring a water bottle and their Sticker Book.

Our FC Bracknell Development Day is Thursday 2nd January & Berkshire Futsal Club Development Day is Friday 3rd January.


All players are welcome to attend either or both days if they wish and note if your child is playing for FC Bracknell (for example) but they can’t attend on 2nd January, they are welcome to attend on Friday 3rd January instead.

The full address is Ranelagh School Sports Hall, Ranelagh Drive, Bracknell, RG12 9DA.

The cost is £15.00 for the day, payment can be made online via Credit/Debit Card, via BACS to 09-01-29, 34412998, Ref: ChildsName or via Cash on the day.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact us on info@play-futsal.co.uk.


New Partner Club – Badshot Lea FC!

New Partner Club – Badshot Lea FC!


We’re delighted to be welcoming a new Partner Club to PlayFutsal as we deliver a Futsal programme for Badshot Lea Football Club!

Badshot Lea have always carried a fantastic reputation within the local football community by providing an inclusive football offer for 5-18 year olds as part of their Colts programme. Their senior section, based near Farnham have recently just moved into a brand new ground which signals their intent for future development and progression – we’re really excited to play a part in their new era by providing Futsal sessions for their players during the week and school holiday periods, this will further enhance the club’s player pathway and reputation within the local area.    

We’re starting our Badshot Lea journey by offering our Futsal programme to U7 – U10 players every Monday at Farnham Heath End School, starting Monday 9th December 2019 – our U7 & U8 programme will be delivered between 6.00pm – 7.00pm and our U9 & U10 programme will be 7.00pm – 8.00pm.  

All players are welcome to attend a two-week free trial to experience the programme before joining, if your child is interested in joining us, you can book their place online via our website, www.play-futsal.co.uk/book-online.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new players to PlayFutsal and supporting them during their development!

For more information regarding Badshot Lea and what they offer in the local area, you can visit their website, Twitter & Facebook on the links below.



Badshot Lea Futsal

Introducing our second Partner Club!

Introducing our second Partner Club!


We’re incredibly excited to be launching a Futsal programme in partnership with our new partner club, Ascot United!

Ascot United are at the beginning of a new exciting chapter as they’ve recently installed a 3G pitch at their home at the Racecourse. Ascot have always created a positive learning environment for their players and provide a clear playing pathway from U7s to senior football, we are very pleased to be joining the journey at Ascot as we begin to introduce their players to Futsal and continuing the good work already established at the club.

We are initially providing our programme to the clubs U7 & U9 players before increasing the number of age groups in the future – our programme begins on Thursday 10th October, 6pm – 7pm at Trevelyan Middle School in Windsor.

All players are welcome to attend a two-week free trial to experience the programme before joining, if your child is interested in joining us on Thursday, you can book their place online via our website, www.play-futsal.co.uk/book-online.

We’re looking forward to welcoming new players to PlayFutsal and supporting them during their development!

For more information regarding Ascot United and what they offer in the local area, you can visit their website and Twitter on the links below, they’re currently offering free entry to their fixture tonight vs Guildford City as they start their home league campaign on their new 3G surface!


Home Learning

Home Learning


Our first Home Learning Activity has been sent out this morning as we encourage and support players to further their development by learning and practicing at home.⠀

Throughout our learning programme, a Home Learning Activity will be sent every two-weeks consisting of a Technical Activity & Psychological Activity. ⠀

Our Technical Activity will include a series of challenges relating to a specific learning focus, within the challenges players will take control of their independent learning by choosing whether to make their challenge easier or harder. ⠀

Our Psychological Activity will consist of watching or writing, this could include watching a variety of Futsal clips online, self-evaluating their game after sessions and/or games, or making notes of live games on TV.⠀

Every challenge given to players isn’t compulsory and will never take priority over school home-learning and other commitments, however by offering challenges at home allows our players to take control of their learning in their own time. For every player who completes a Home Learning Challenge will receive a sticker in their Individual Sticker Book!⠀

We can’t wait to show you photos and clips of players attempting their challenges over the next two weeks so keep an eye out on our social channels for some great independent learners!