PlayFutsal provides school holiday Futsal in Farnham in partnership with Badshot Lea FC.

LEARNING BLOCK – Attacking at Speed | FOCUS – Attacking in an overload

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can we take advantage of the overload with good quality? | PSYCHOLOGICAL CHALLENGE – Can I spot an overload opportunity?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | During a game, a high number of overloads occur all over the pitch, whether that’s in the defensive third against a striker, or in the attacking third against a defender, overloads happen regularly throughout the game. Taking advantage of overloads is key to attacking successfully, it provides players with a golden opportunity to create a chance by outnumbering the defenders in key positions. How we manage these situations is important for our creative development – do I pass or do I dribble? How much weight is on my pass? What direction do I pass in? The answer to these questions are going to vary but one answer is common, whatever decision I do make, it must be with good quality or the chance has been wasted.

WHY? – PSYCHOLOGICAL | It’s highly unlikely that players are going to spot every single overload opportunity in a game but players need to try their best to maximise the number of opportunities that they do see. The ability to look and play at the same time is pivotal to long-term progression, it takes time, effort and practice to be aware of where the ball is and what’s around you, there WILL be failure and there WILL be frustration but the foundations need to be set early. During this week, we challenged the players to take pictures of what’s around them whilst having the ball at their feet, this helps them understand what overload opportunities are around them so this can be used to their advantage.

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from FC Bracknell, Berkshire Futsal Club & Badshot Lea.

NEXT SESSION | Attacking in parity


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