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LEARNING BLOCK – Attacking at Speed | FOCUS – Attacking with choices

TECHNICAL CHALLENGE – Can I pass, dribble or shoot? | PSYCHOLOGICAL CHALLENGE – Can I make the right decision to pass, dribble or shoot when I’m attacking?

WHY? – TECHNICAL | When players are attacking, they have a variety of different decisions to make at specific times. Do we dribble, do we pass or do we shoot? The decision we make depends on what’s around us and who’s around us. The decision is ultimately down to the player and it is solely their decision and nobody else’s, in the environment we set, we encourage our players to take ownership of their decisions so they progress and develop their self-learning. During this week, we gave different examples of what they could do in certain situations to give a starting point – in a 1v1 we may have a dribble, in a 2v1 we may look to pass and if we’re 1v0 then we’ll most certainly shoot!

WHY? – PSYCHOLOGICAL | The process to make a decision firstly starts with our eyes, players need to see what and who is around them before thinking, once pictures have been taken it’s time for the player to think, they’re thinking of what to do and how to do it – once the thought has been processed it’s then time for the feet to do their thing! The process of LOOK > THINK > PLAY needs to be done as quickly as possible in order to maintain possession, there is, of course, a balance between doing it quickly so we don’t lose the ball and not rushing so we miss a vital part of the process. We encourage our players to complete this process within 3 seconds.

TOP LEARNERS | Well done to our Top Learners below who have impressed us with their learning, these include players from FC Bracknell, Berkshire Futsal Club & Badshot Lea.

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