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PURPOSE – The purpose of The Touch Challenge is to develop a repetition of touches and sequences which allows players to progress their technical development. Quite simply, the more contact time they have with a football, the better they’re going to be and in this challenge, they are adding and developing their technical foundations.

THE AIM – The aim is to touch a Futsal, Football and/or Tennis ball as many times as possible within a 7 day period. There is no minimum or maximum number of touches a player must do within this time period – a player can set themselves a ‘Touch Target’ to hit daily, every other day or over the course of a week.

HOW? – DRIBBLE TOUCHES | Using their inside, outside, sole & laces – players can attempt to touch the ball with any of these parts as many times as possible within a space close to the body – this can be a dribble into a space or a dribble before a pass or shot – remember they have to use BOTH FEET when dribbling!

HOW? – PASSING | Against a wall or using a family member – players can attempt to pass as many times as possible using their inside, outside or laces, again remember they must use both feet!

HOW? – BALL JUGGLING/KEEPY-UPS | With or without a bounce in-between each touch, the choice is theirs – players can use any body part in their own sequence but the ball must remain in control and as close to the body as possible.

HOW? – AERIAL TOUCHES | Players will serve themselves by throwing the ball above their head slightly and must control the ball before the ball hits the ground – the first touch can be with any part of the foot, thigh or chest and the ball must remain close to the body following the first touch.

HOW? – A MIXTURE OF THE ABOVE! | Allowing players to be creative, they can pick their own challenge and/or sequence using any of the above ideas or even better, think of their own idea!

During each attempt, sequence or time-limit, players must count the number of times they touch the ball and add the number to their ‘Touch Table’ – their Touch Table will can show the amount of touches they’ve done each day so they’ve got a number they can beat for any of the following days they practice.

SHOW US!We’d love to see children practicing and developing at home during this tough time so feel free to send us any videos of any of the challenges above or pictures of Touch Tables so we can see how they’re getting on! 😁


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